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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Year in Estepona, Spain

Dreams are like stars...you
 may never touch them,
but if you follow them they
will lead you to your destiny.

I'm a dreamer...
I used to dream about buying a little place
in some exotic locale and spending 6 months
there each year.

But the more I travel and find places that
speak to my soul, I realize I would have a
tough time deciding where to buy that little place.

So now the dream has changed.  When I find
a place that stirs me, I pick out a place to
live for one year. 

In Estepona, Spain it is here in the
Plaza de las Flores.
Estepona is located on Spain's
Costa del Sol but unlike many of the other
coastal towns, Estepona has retained the
feel of the quiet fishing village it used to be.

There is my flat, the top floor, the tower will be
my studio.  I'll sit at the window and watch
all that goes on in the square.

When I get hungry, I'll pop downstairs for
a lovely lunch.  Afterwards, I'll take my walk
along the Mediterranean which is only about
a minute away and then take my siesta.

I'll awaken to the clang of the church bells
and begin to plan...

for my night in the Plaza.

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