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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Table for None!

It's No Fun Eating Alone!

I have had dinner guests every
Wednesday night for over a decade.
It makes mid week something special.

I get out the silver.

Set a beautiful table with lovely linens.

Light the candles.

Try to make something nice for dessert.
Okay, I said try, I don't always succeed at this.

But tonight, because of this weather, my guests thought
it was best to stay home.
Rob is working,
Brennan is living at school,
Kate is working,
so that leaves me and...

Yes, she is beautiful and a good listener,
but her conversation is not so good.

So I have decided to take the night off,
when Kate gets in from work
we'll venture out into the winter
wonderland and eat out tonight.

What do you do to make dinner special?

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  1. With Jorge coming home late in the evening, he would rather eat something light. So on Sundays is when I make things special for us. I take out our nice dishes and set a nice table.
    We try to have people over, but if that doesn't happen, I still make our lunch a nice affair.


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