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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Open Your Eyes to the World

I spent a few hours today roaming around the
galleries of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

In my work, I'm known for my use of
color.  People tell me they can walk through
a quilt show and pick out my pieces without
having to read the name.  

People ask me all the time about how to use color.
I must reveal I have spent years studying color
and I have spent almost my entire life wandering
through museums and libraries or in a studio.

But that's not necessary because inspiration is

If you see a painting you like, use those colors
 in your artwork.  Take a photo or buy a
postcard and file it away.

I have kept a clip file since I was a little girl.
It is photos and things torn from magazines
or snippets of fabric or lace.

People will say but it doesn't match...
Match Schmatch!  it doesn't need to match.
I have seen some of the most dismal,
boring interiors where everything matched.

What if we lived in a world where everything
was the same?  What fun would that be?

Take a look at everything.  I'm the girl
who will be touring a grand palace but taking
photos of the doorknob or heating grate.

Take a look at the things around you.
Why did you buy the plates in your cupboard?
Was it the color?  Use that in your work.

Look at this painting from 1483, look at the floor,
they are quilt blocks!

And here.

And here.

Here is a relief of Robert Louis Stevenson,
whose writing inspired a sense of wonder
and adventure in me at a very young age.

So get out there and open your eyes to the world,
you never know what may spark your imagination.

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