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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Old National Road

A Perfect Day of History and Antiques

The Old National Road is the route used by the pioneers
heading West in their covered wagons.

We started our day in Richmond, Indiana at the
Wayne County Historical Museum.

The museum is an eclectic mix of items pertaining to Wayne County.

Crockery from Richmond.


My dream desk, a Wooten.

An apothecary.

A local woman, a world adventurer, brought back these
treasures from Egypt, before such practices were forbidden.

I love this car, my favorite color.

But I'd like to drive through the countryside in this.

Afterwards, we drove along the National Road
admiring the churches,

the beautiful houses,

the old barns in the countryside,

and antiques.

I bought a few spools

and another clock for my collection.

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