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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful!

It is Rob's birthday today!
Time to take the day off,
(ok, almost, for both of us),
eat some Indian food, get
together with the kids and
sometime have cake.
(We already did a cake on Sunday).

My Darling,

I love that I dream it
and you make it happen.

I love that whatever far flung
corner of the world we may be
in, when we are together it
always feels like home.

I love that when I hear
 a particular song, (usually
as we are driving through
West Virginia) and I say this
always makes me cry & I
turn to you & see a tear
just about to escape from
the corner of your eye.

I love that when I speak
Hungarian it has the same
effect as when Morticia
speaks French to Gomez.

I love that you always make
me laugh at myself when
I take the world too seriously.

I love the life we have created
together and look forward
to new adventures.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday too from far far away!!! And many more happy days in the future!!!


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