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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Things Mean Alot

To Whom It May Concern:  I Noticed.

I love to spend
 time looking at art.

I visit palaces and museums...

...but I always try to
take the time to find
the art in everyday things.

The everyday, the utilitarian
is still art,  someone took
the time to design it
and to design it beautifully.

I took this photo in a fabulous
Abbey in Austria.  Everyone
else in the room was taking photos
of the painted ceilings and the objects
in the room and I was taking photos
of the heating grate.  Then, everyone
noticed what I was doing and began
photographing the grate.
I loved that!

Notice the lovely curve of
this staircase, it reminds
me of the curves on a woman's
body.  I find it amazing that
stone and metal can be made
into something so sensuous.

I crawled down under a
staircase on a snowy day
in Budapest to get this shot.
But this hidden piece of
architecture was important to me.

So look up, look down,
and notice the little things
that someone put so much
thought into.

I love this pile of rubble
thrown in a corner outside
Buda Castle.  Hey, Budapest
if you don't want it, that stuff
would look great in my garden.

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  1. I love your photos, your look on things surprises me and it is a little bit different from that I would have detected! I hope you understand what I mean!! And thanks for your comment: we have rain after 3 month without any little drop: everything was dry!!! It's good for the plants!!


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