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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Spring in the Country

The birds are nesting in
our backyard.  Here is  Papa
Robin protecting the nest.

Here is the first hatchling.  You can
see a hole in one of the other eggs.

This nest is quite low to the ground
in an evergreen tree, we think it
is too close to the ground and have
been worrying about our Robin family.
We noticed the shell was gone and
found out from our bird expert that
the parents remove the shells so the
scent does not attract predators.
Sadly on Mother's Day we found a dead
baby robin in another part of the yard.
We were heartbroken.

Now there is just one baby
left in the nest and Momma and
Papa Robin are taking great care
of their baby.  You can see the wings
forming now.  We are keeping our
eyes on the nest too.

When we have nice weather
I love to hang the laundry to
dry outside.  We have had a
long Winter and then a rainy
Spring so nothing has been
hung outside for a while.
Today was lovely so I took
the laundry outside and reached
in the pin bag....

...and found this!
I guess I'll have to buy a
new bag and pins, I don't
want to ruin this nest that
must have taken so much
time to build.

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  1. At least Mr & Mrs Robin have one baby to lavish their love and care on, and how neat that you have another nest in the peg-bag. Aren't birds innovative, best nest in the street!!!!


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