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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me Time ~ May 17

An Old Friend Returns

My friend has returned from
spending the Winter in Florida
 and she was with us at Me Time today.
She taught both of my kids in 4th grade
and we have been friends ever since.
I went to my first Guild meeting with her.

She brought back a project
to work on, I think this looks
like Florida.

Another Florida inspired project.

I was trying to get some
demos made...

...but spent more time
talking & trying to catch
up on what has happened
in the past 7 months.

Someone's latest Sue Spargo.

Some delicious thread.

Mainly, we talked and laughed
and had fun.  The poor guy who
visted us today from Milwaukee,
Wisconsin won't forget us.  Especially
after someone described the pattern
on their fabric as being 'sperm-like"
and hearing that I am attracted to
 men who wear glasses.  He had us
giggling like school girls...

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