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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Holding on to Memories

Miss Treva

Last Fall I was at a guild
meeting and seated 2 seats
away from me was Miss Treva.
Treva was a guild member who
remembered everyone on their
birthday, all 150 members!
Each year you would receive a
card and a little gift, perhaps something
she made or an antique hankie.

Sadly, later that afternoon we
got the terrible news that our
friend had been killed in a car accident.
For me, I felt like a bit of goodness
had been taken from the world.

Treva and her husband lived in
an old country school building
with classrooms and a big gym.
They had run a catering business
from this building for years.
And it was packed, and I mean
packed with antiques, craft supplies,
catering equipment and books.

Treva's husband is moving
to a smaller place and most of
the contents are for sale.  I went
to the sale today and picked up a
few treasures.

I will place these items
around my house and
when I look at them I'll
remember our friend,
Miss Treva, and her kindness.

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  1. What lovely treasures, and all the more precious because they belonged to someone you admired!!! How great you were able to buy them!!!


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