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Friday, May 6, 2011

Redbud Quilt Guild

Founder's Day

Yesterday I attended the
annual Founder's Day Luncheon
of the Redbud Quilt Guild in
Anderson, Indiana.  This guild
is celebrating their 31st year.
One of the great things about
living in Quilt Country is being
around so many people with a
similar interest,  this just
magnifies the level of creativity.

Members were asked to bring
in their oldest quilts.  Oh the stories,
we heard!  Tales of Moms and Grandmas
and great-Grandmas, and there always
seemed to me a mention of the comfort
of wrapping in a quilt and feeling safe
in all the stories.  We heard about quilts
made from favorite clothing and some quilts
made by hand before machines and then
stories of quilts from when Granny got her
first treadle machine.  It was beautiful!

I apologize for the quality of the
photos but the quilts were held up very
quickly and fabric has a lot of
movement.  I hope you enjoy them.

And some new pieces
were shown as well.

This is someone's version of
my Pursuit of Scrappiness design.


  1. Lovely old quilts, wonderful!! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Thankyou for sharing, some of the old quilts are absolutely beautiful!!!


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