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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day at Purdue

Dreams of University?

Since Kate will be going to
Purdue in the Fall we decided to
 drive out today to check things out.

Purdue is a land grant university
in the American Midwest, in
west central Indiana.  About 2
hours from Indianapolis and
2 hours from Chicago.

The man who offered to give
the $150,000 to start the
university had 3 stipulations:
1. It had to be named for him.
2. All the buildings had to be red brick.
3.  They could never offer a music major.

No music?  I had to ask why...
It was due to his strict religious
convictions, it would not be acceptable.
But they have one of the biggest marching
bands in the US, so go figure.

In typical Murphy's Law fashion,
we took a one and a half hour
walking tour of the campus on
a whippingly cold and snowy day.

We saw many beautiful old buildings.

Though this may say Memorial Gym
this is actually a building of classrooms
where many of Kate's Actuarial
Science courses will take place.

We had a nice drive and
enjoyed many of the
beautiful old houses.

We are still amazed by the
amount of open land out
here in the middle of the country
and by how big the sky is.

I love the old advertising
in the little country towns.
Can you imagine wanting
to eat at the Sanitary Lunch?

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  1. Can you imagine eating at the UNsanitary Lunch?


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