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Friday, March 25, 2011

Life in the Country

Scenes Along the Back Roads of America

I have lived in the American
Midwest for over 20 years.
This was never something
I planned to do, it just happened.
I had previously lived on the
east coast, in and around
New York City.

People will often say don't you
get bored?  Isn't it boring with
all the flatness of the land?
And I answer, no.
I love the prairie landscape.

It stirs my soul to look
out across the land and
see wide open country for
as far as the eye can see
just dotted with a few
barns and farmhouses.

I love the old barns, I
think back to a time when
this was a thriving farm and
a family's whole life
could depend upon what was
in that barn.  Think of the
births of all the animals and
the countless harvests
 this old building has seen.

I love to drive through
the little towns.  They
can be quite rundown now
but at one time they were
bustling little burgs.  I hear
stories about the downtowns
all the time.  On payday, everyone
went to town, to shop, to eat, to
see & be seen.

And then there is the sky.
It is so huge out here in a
land with few trees. 
Imagine it at night
filled with stars.


  1. Have you ever been to South Dakota ? My daughter lived in Spearfish South Dakota for awhile. The sky is even bigger out there. Meanwhile back home in Indiana, a friend of mine and I used to take off every Saturday morning and drive in the country till we found a cafe for breakfast. Way fun. Consequently I have been in just about every small town cafe in northern Indiana. The best one I've found is in Culver, Indiana. Great French toast.

  2. Ellen, your photos speak to my heart. I currently live on the edge of Illinois farmland. There is something so peaceful about a drive in the country.


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