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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Ago & Far Away

Williamsburg, Virginia

                                                         At this time of year I always
long to be in Virginia.
I love to see the dogwoods in
bloom and watch the gardens
of Williamsburg wake up
from their winter slumber.

For years, we spent our Spring
Breaks in Williamsburg.
And in those days, BQ,
(before quilting), that was
when I would put my sewing
skills to use.  Every year,
I would make new colonial
costumes for the kids.

They always felt like they
were part of the historic
experience and they
still love history!

Through the years we
made wonderful friends
who became like family
to us.

We ate great food
that we would try to
recreate at home.

Mainly, we always felt
at home there.  The
thoughts still spring up
saying, "maybe we should
move there." 
Perhaps, some day...

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