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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Local History

Sometimes History Can Be Quite Sad

These statutes are in a local
cemetery, they mark the graves
of these two children, 16 year old,
Charles and 6 year old, Gertrude.

Their grief stricken parents
couldn't bear the thought
that their children might be

The parents commissioned
a scultptor in Florence, Italy
to make these life sized replicas.
People decorate the statues seasonally.

The Father, Dr. Hilligoss,
a local physician, became the
first president of Camp Chesterfield,
a Spiritualist camp founded in 1886.

Their tombstone reads:
We know that life is all the
sweeter that they lived.
And death is all the brighter
that they died.

I pass this cemetery very often
and always glance over to the
statues.  It is my way of
fulfilling the wish of the parents,
they haven't been forgotten.

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