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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel Tales: Spring arrives in El Escorial, Spain

With the Pansies Comes Spring

We were traveling in Spain a
few years ago during the kids
Spring Break.  This day we
happened to be in El Escorial
not far from Madrid.  We had
just toured the magnificent but
rather austere palace and monastery
and since it was so beautiful outside
we decided to have a picnic lunch.

We found a lovely little park
to eat in.  Some people went
off to find drinks, some went
off to find samdwiches but I
sat in the square soaking up
the Spring sunshine.

 As we were leaving the US
a few days earlier a major
blizzard was just on our heels
chasing us as we left.  We hit
the air just as it hit our area
and closed everything down.
So back home we were still
in the winter season and to
sit outside in the warm sun
was wonderful.

As I sat there I noticed
workers were planting the
Spring flowers in the beds.
An elderly couple strolled by
and complimented the men
on the work they were doing
and with that the men gave
them a plant to take home
 for their balcony.  It was such
sweet kind, gesture.

And now every year when I plant
my Spring pansies like I did today,
I think of those workers and the
elderly couple.  Sometimes the little
things in life can stay with you forever.

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