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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Test Pattern

Do I Have Test Anxiety?

When you design quilt patterns
you find you can't trust just
yourself.  The designer has
looked at the pattern for months
in the design/publishing process.
You must be sure that everything
is precise and accurate.  That
is when you have a pattern
testing day.

And today was the day.
I have many people
measuring, cutting &
stitching away.

Here are a few
peeks of some

snippets of the quilts
being tested.



There is chocolate, of
course, it's a quilting tool.

Indiana pizza ~ it was good!

We spent the day
with beautiful fabrics.

A few sneak peeks

of the works in process.

Thanks to all the pattern testers.
You did a great job!

And we had a great time!

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